Cheeky and Rude

My Boyfriend Is A Professional ****** (You Know Who You Are!)

Yes, that right I said it and that's what the bag says! Cheeky? yes, unique? sure is! Lovely stunning red shot lining, with the new Visual Valentine label inside.

This bag is part embroidered part applique. This is a one-off! Go on buy it for yourself or for a friend who has had a boyfriend break her poor heart! you will feel so much better and laugh about the idiot behind his back( yeah we're laughing at you fool, hurt my friend again and I will break your arm in 28 places with a thousand papercuts, with the fleas of 1000 Egyptian camels down your a non-violent way with loads of love of course!

magnetic clasp. Rattan handles denim detail, leather and mixed fabrics and lace.

Spot clean

L37cmWx27cm (excluding handles)


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